Connect to elasticsearch in AWS using key credentials


I’m trying to post a request using curl to my es cluster in AWS using my accessKey and secretKey. I have successfully done this through postman (details here) where you can specify AWS credentials but I would like to make this work with curl. Postman can auto-generate your curl request for you but all I get are errors.

This is the generated curl request along with the response

IDs have been changed to protect the innocent.

I have checked all my keys and region, and like i said this works through postman. Is it possible to access this AWS service using my keys through curl?


This is quite a long rabbit hole. Thanks to Adam for the comment that sent me in the correct direction. The link really helps you understand what you need to do.

I’ve since found a script that follows the signing requests method outlined above. It runs in bash and whilst it is not written for use with elasticsearch requests it can be used for them. many thanks to for putting this on github.

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