Copy to Redshift from another accounts S3 bucket


Is it possible to copy from one AWS accounts S3 bucket into another AWS accounts Redshift cluster? The way I tried to do it was to log in using SQL Workbench to my AWS Account (Account1) and used a IAM User of (Account2) to copy the file over like this:

I know the other account’s user has s3 permissions after double checking. Do I have share IAM users or setup different permissions in order to do this?


You will need to “pull” the data from the other account’s S3 bucket.

  1. AWS Account A has an S3 bucket called source-bucket-account-a.
  2. AWS Account B has a Redshift cluser called TargetCluster.
  3. On bucket source-bucket-account-a, add a bucket policy allowing AWS Account B to read files.

A sample policy:

It’s very similar to the following:

or the following:

  1. Once the bucket policy is in place, you use the credentials for AWS Account B to run the copy command because it owns the Redshift cluster. In the copy command, you specify the bucket by it’s name source-bucket-account-a.

The bucket policy has granted read access to AWS Account B so it can “pull” the data into Redshift.

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