structure for ECR Repo


We are switching from Docker Hub to ECR and I’m curious how to structure the file to use this image. I attempted to modify the name as <my_ECR_URL>/<repo_name>:<image_tag> but this is not successful. I also saw the details of private registries using an authentication file on S3 but this doesn’t seem like the correct route when aws ecr get-login is the recommended way to authenticate with ECR.

Can anyone point me to how I can use an ECR image in a Beanstalk file?

If I look at the ECS Task Definition,there’s a required attribute called com.amazonaws.ecs.capability.ecr-auth, but I’m not setting that anywhere in my file and I’m not sure what needs to be there. Perhaps it is an S3 bucket? Something is needed as every time I try to run the Elastic Beanstalk created tasks from ECS, I get:

Any insights are greatly appreciated.

Update I see from some other threads that this used to occur with earlier versions of the ECS agent but I am currently running Agent version 1.6.0 and Docker version 1.7.1, which I believe are the recommended versions. Is this possibly an issue with the Docker version?


So it turns out, the ECS agent was only able to pull images with version 1.7, and that’s where mine was falling. Updating the agent resolves my issue, and hopefully it helps someone else.

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