DynamoDB count operation capacity units consumption


If I’m not mistaken, to perform a count of items, in DynamoDB we have to use the query action and provide Select: 'COUNT' as parameter. Let’s consider that I’d like to count the number of items that have a certain partition key. Given that we have to use the query action, does that mean the following?:

  1. Even though we’re returning only the count, the consumed read
    capacity units will correspond to the size of all the items with
    that partition key.
  2. If the size of the items that have the given partition key exceeds
    1MB, the count will be partial, will only consider the items up to
    1MB and the operation will be paginated.


The answer is yes, to both your questions.

That is apparent from these two points from the documentation:

  • Distinction between Count and ScannedCount:

If you used a QueryFilter in the request, then Count is the number of items returned after the filter was applied, and ScannedCount is the number of matching items before the filter was applied.

If you did not use a filter in the request, then Count and ScannedCount are the same.

  • The fact that DynamoDB looks at Count as just another attribute that can be returned:

You can retrieve all item attributes, specific item attributes, the count of matching items, or in the case of an index, some or all of the attributes projected into the index.

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