EC2 Ubuntu 14 default password


I have an EC2 instace running Ubuntu 14 which I regularly connect to using SSH.

Now I’m trying to connect to this instance using Remote Desktop from Windows, as shown here.

In the Login to xrdp form, I typed “ubuntu” as the username, but I don’t know what the password is. I’ve never messed with the password and never needed it. I have tried both “ubuntu” and "" (blank) but got the same result:

Does anyone know what the default password of Ubuntu on EC2 is?

If it is either "Ubuntu" or "" then what causes the problem?


Not a solution to be precise, but an alternative solution is to login via SSH and create a new sudo user with password.

Then use that user to login 🙂

EC2 used SSH keypair authentication for user not password authentication for the user ubuntu (default).

Set the password for your current logged in user using the command, passwd.

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