Elastic Beanstalk, Git and AWS Tools: How to clone repository to another workstation


I just discovered the amazing possibilities of AWS.
So here is what I did yesterday:

Everything ok.
But now today I am working at another workstation and want to continue my project. How can i do a git clone now? I want to download all the files to this workstation, commit some stuff and finally aws.push it to my EB stack?

First of all I downloaded AWS tools to this workstation, created a new folder in which I did git init but what is the url for git clone? And how do i get the EB settings? I tried to do a eb init but that leads me to the generation of a new stack and doesn’t provide any option to download my existing files.

I am using windows (powershell, putty, …).


First of all, congratulations on your first push to Elastic Beanstalk!

Now, about repositories. There are few options for you to continue your work on the second workstation, all depends on your future needs:

  • Copy entire project directory from “workstation A” to “workstation B”. Acceptable if you are going to continue to work on “workstation B” from now on.
  • Clone git project from “workstation A” to “workstation B”. You will have origin on “workstation A” and can push your commits there. Not really flexible, if you have to move to “workstation C” later.

$ cd my-projects-on-workstation-b

$ git clone path-to-my-project-on-workstation-a/myproject.git

  • Push your entire project to a shared location online. The best option.

I prefer bitbucket.org for my private projects (unlimited private repositories) and github.com for open source projects.

Instructions for BitBucket: Import code from an existing project

Instructions for GitHub: Import existing source code to github

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