Facing image loading issue from AWS S3


I have API in php and in that API I have upload images in AWS S3 is working as expected, however fetch data from S3 it takes too much time to load on a mobile device.

Can any one help me to fixed slow image load issue?

I’m looking best way to load fast image in android and IOS.

Note: I’m not using any thumb for image.


As you have mentioned image on mobile is taking time as this can be due to different sizes for different screen sizes. Ideally you should look forward for following options:

1) resize the images to the target size (thumbnail, preview, full size, …) and have different sizes for different screen sizes.

2) use compression to compress your existing image file

3) Best option is to integrate CDN for Cloud-based image acceleration and delivery service.

Ideally, Using a CDN like Cloudfront is the first step towards accelerating images.

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