Heroku: Couldn’t find Active Storage configuration in /app/config/storage.yml (RuntimeError)


My app deploys to Heroku but crashes every time. I don’t know why. I have set up Carrierwave, fog, and aws for an app in production on Heroku before just fine. Tried to follow the same steps and I am getting an h10 error code. In the rails console it specifically says:

`block (2 levels) in ‘: Couldn’t find Active Storage
configuration in /app/config/storage.yml (RuntimeError)






I’ve set my env variables for the aws credentials in my heroku config variables from the terminal. Can you tell me why I’m getting this active storage error? Thanks


I had this same issue when deploying a recently upgraded Rails app. The application was upgraded from Rails 5 to Rails 6. However, when I try deploying to Heroku, I got the error below:

Here’s how I fixed it:

I checked the config directory of my application and realized that it had no config/storage.yml file. All I had to do was to create the file, and copy the vanilla template that comes with Rails 6 applications into the file:

This time when I deployed everything worked fine.

Note: You can modify the file content based on your storage configurations

That’s all.

I hope this helps

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