Hosting CakePHP app with Amazon Web Services (EC2, etc.)?


I don’t think I fully understand Amazon Web Services yet, which is why I’m asking this question. I want to know if AWS would be a nice host for a CakePHP application that of course runs off PHP, and MySQL?

Would I have to change or add anything to my code if used a service like EC2? I also noticed that Amazon has it’s own database system, does that mean no mysql.

Also as a side question, what do you guys think of the cost AWS?

Sorry if my question is a little scattered, or somewhat “noobish,” but that is why I ask it.
Thanks in advance!


unless you need a dedicated instance just for your cakephp application
you may be better off using a host that provides a full lamp hosting stack on a shared server.

with aws you would need to create an instance, configure that instance, eg install mysql if that is what you want, etc.

then you pay-per-hour while it is running, so for a full year it would be like 24*365*12c = $1050 approx. (you will need to check the exact rates for what you want)

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