How do I connect to aws ec2 server from chromebook using the secure shell extension?


I am trying to connect to my ec2 instance from my chromebook using the secure shell extension but I keep getting the following error:

Loading NaCl plugin… done.
ssh: connect to host (public DNS) port 22: Connection refused
NaCl plugin exited with status code 255.

I have been following the steps on this site but with 0 success.

Help please.


If you’re doing this on your chromebook, you should have developer mode enabled so that you can enter the console and execute Linux commands. Once developer mode is enabled, enter the console with ctrl+alt+t and then type in shell.

First you’ll want to change the permissions of your .pem key. The ssh keygen won’t run if the permissions aren’t restricted enough.

Next you’ll want to generate your own public key with ssh-keygen like mentioned in the other links.

After this, you’ll want to create a file with no extension and the private key pair inside.

After this, copy the contents of the .pem file to the file with no extension, myKeyPair.

Next you’ll want to open up the secure shell extension, which can be found here.

Enter your connection information for your machine and don’t forget to specify the port number. When it comes to importing the key pair, select both the and the myKeyPair files using ctrl.

That’s it, you should be connected!

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