How do you redirect from one toplevel domain to another using Route53


Apologies if my terminlogy is not quite correct here

I have the domain working fine on Route53.
I also have domain under Route 53 control

I want any requests to to redirect to and also to show the user they are on not (via the webbrowser address)

I tried creating an A record as Alias for and setting alias target to but that didnt work it didnt recognise , how am i meant to do it ?


You can do this by using an S3 bucket to redirect to First, you’ll need to create an S3 bucket and point to it.

  1. Create an S3 bucket called (the name is important and must match the domain name).
  2. Configure the bucket to act as a static website. Do this in the bucket properties. Go to Static Website Hosting and select Redirect all requests to another host name.
  3. Enter as the address you want to forward all requests to.
  4. Go the Route 53 and point to the S3 bucket. You can do that by creating an alias record for the S3 bucket.

Now when users go to, the request will go to the S3 bucket which will respond with a redirect to You can see a description of this technique at Root Domain Website Hosting for Amazon S3 on the AWS blog.

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