How does the AWS Inteface VPC endpoint actually route traffic to regional service?


When I configure an AWS Gateway VPC endpoint, a route table entry is created that points to the Gateway. Here, Gateway can be thought of performing the routing to AWS service (over private network).

However, for an AWS Inteface VPC endpoint, all that is visible is a Network interface that has a private IP address of the subnet. By default, a private IP can send traffic within the subnet or entire VPC provided Security Group and NACL allows the traffic. & it appears in this case there is no Route table entry to a Gateway or a Router for allowing traffic outside VPC.

How / Where is the interface routing the traffic to i.e. How does traffic leave the customer VPC?

Of course I understand that the traffic finally reaches the intended AWS service over private network but here I am trying to find out where is the Gateway or Router? Does AWS hide this implementation?

I cannot get my head around the fact that a simple Network Interface can accept traffic and route it to a service all by itself i.e. performing routing by itself? Clearly, in this case the traffic appears not flowing through the VPC router or another Gateway device.

I am aware this might be an AWS confidential implementation but any thoughts / idea on how they might have designed this feature?


It doesn’t provide routing at all, by default a VPC interface endpoint when created will create an ENI per subnet in the VPC for you. It will also provide you a DNS name per each AZ and a global name that you can use within your applications.

In addition it supports the ability to have the AWS service domain name for the VPC interface endpoint be resolvable to the private IPs of the endpoint. As long as your VPC has DNS enabled it will first check the VPC private DNS resolver and then resolve it to the private IP rather than the public one.

This is done by adding an additional private hosted zone to your VPC which resolves service domains in your region such as

enter image description here

From the AWS side this is just an ENI created in your AWS VPC that is connected to one of AWS internal VPCs. It’s actually possible to implement this for your own services too to share with another organisations VPCs, this is implemented using AWS PrivateLink.

For more information take a look at the Private DNS for interface endpoints page.

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