How to create ami instance programmatically?


lately I am doing some POC’s in amazon elastic cloud. I created a sample instance and I uploaded my sample web application and finally saw my hello world jsp.

Now I am trying to create one more instance and want to send data from my first instance to second instance. I know that this can be achieved through zookeeper. But I want to create my second instance programmatically and not through the management console.

How to achieve this?
I am thinking that this has something to do with the amazon s3 where we bundle our ami. But not sure about it. Can anyone give me guidelines?


This is a link to the Amazon documentation for creating an AMI. Amazon provide a set of command line tools so you should be able to call these from your script.

you may also find these 3rd party scripts useful for creating a bootable EBS from a running instance.

Or it may be more useful to invoke the AWS EC2 APIs more directly from your application.

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