How to fanout an AWS kinesis stream?


I’d like to fanout/chain/replicate an Input AWS Kinesis stream To N new Kinesis streams, So that each record written to the input Kinesis will appear in each of the N streams.

Is there an AWS service or an open source solution?

I prefer not to write code to do that if there’s a ready-made solution. AWS Kinesis firehose is a no solution because it can’t output to kinesis. Perhaps a AWS Lambda solution if that won’t be too expensive to run?


There are two ways you could accomplish fan-out of an Amazon Kinesis stream:

  • Use Amazon Kinesis Analytics to copy records to additional streams
  • Trigger an AWS Lambda function to copy records to another stream

Option 1: Using Amazon Kinesis Analytics to fan-out

You can use Amazon Kinesis Analytics to generate a new stream from an existing stream.

From the Amazon Kinesis Analytics documentation:

Amazon Kinesis Analytics applications continuously read and process streaming data in real-time. You write application code using SQL to process the incoming streaming data and produce output. Then, Amazon Kinesis Analytics writes the output to a configured destination.

Amazon Kinesis Analytics flow diagram

Fan-out is mentioned in the Application Code section:

You can also write SQL queries that run independent of each other. For example, you can write two SQL statements that query the same in-application stream, but send output into different in-applications streams.

I managed to implement this as follows:

  • Created three streams: input, output1, output2
  • Created two Amazon Kinesis Analytics applications: copy1, copy2

The Amazon Kinesis Analytics SQL application looks like this:

This code creates a pump (think of it as a continual select statement) that selects from the input stream and outputs to the output1 stream. I created another identical application that outputs to the output2 stream.

To test, I sent data to the input stream:

I let it run for a while, then displayed the output using this code:

The output was:

I ran it again for output2 and the identical output was shown.

Option 2: Using AWS Lambda

If you are fanning-out to many streams, a more efficient method might be to create an AWS Lambda function:

  • Triggered by Amazon Kinesis stream records
  • That writes records to multiple Amazon Kinesis ‘output’ streams

You could even have the Lambda function self-discover the output streams based on a naming convention (eg any stream named app-output-*).

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