How to get the file diff between two S3 buckets?


So I have an S3 bucket of videos (several hundred), upon which I used ElasticTranscoder to transcode everything into a second, optimised bucket.

However, when I inspect my second bucket, there are 40-50 less objects, but I cannot figure out what they are (the directory structure is deeply nested etc).

How can I get the file diff of two buckets using aws s3api list-objects?

Perhaps there are files in the bucket which are not videos, which I somehow didn’t know about.


You can use the sync command with the --dryrun option to compare instead of syncing.

aws s3 sync s3://bucket s3://bucket2 --dryrun

You can, of course, also use it to compare a local directory with a bucket.

aws s3 sync . s3://bucket2 --dryrun

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