How to grant permissions to AWS user for Hartl’s rails tutorial


I don’t know how (or where also) to grant read and write permission to the user from AWS so users can post pictures on sample_app in production enviroment. This is final task in 11th chapter, it isn’t covered by tutorial and I can’t find solution anywhere.

This is carrier_wave.rb file:

This is procedure from tutorial:
1) create AWS IAM User and record access and secret key – done

2) create S3 bucket – done

3) grant read and write permission to the user created in the previous step – how???

4) I then run this three commands:

5) push to git and heroku – done

6) heroku pg:reset DATABASE – done

7)heroku run rake db:migrate and here I get this message:


For others in future, this answer helped me a lot.

Go on Heroku, on your application, go to settings, hit Reveal Config Vars.

Click on on Edit on the right side and enter your secrets there:

On config/initializers/carrierwave.rb or wherever you’re entering your secrets should have:

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