How to integrate Atlassian Bamboo with AWS Elastic Beanstalk


I want to integrate Atlassian Bamboo with AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Is there anyway to do this?


It depends a bit on your Bamboo and beanstalk config as well as the type of application you are planning to deploy on AWS Beanstalk.

We did some things for Java Web Apps:

Since Bamboo understands maven, you can have a look at the following maven plugin:

We are using it for some environments to create wars and upload them to elastic beanstalk. You can then create a maven task in bamboo to call the plugin.

If you downloaded and installed Bamboo on a machine you own yourself you could use the Elastic Beanstalk command line interface (CLI).
This is probably the most powerful approach, but you need to install the CLI on the bamboo instance. Then you can do almost anything. This approach should also work for other environments besides Java/Tomcat.

Another idea:
If you use Beanstalk using git (i.e. you deploy by making a code change and pushing to Beanstalk), then you can also use the new “Deployment Project” Feature in Bamboo to push the code once it passes all tests.

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