How to return the user’s status within AWS’s user pool using Amplify with Javascript?


I have some users in my user pool:
enter image description here

How can I return the status of that particular user with Amplify? I have for the user.

Here is what my handleSubmit function looks like:

Any ideas?


I’m not sur what do you really want, but if you want to find way to retrieve the information about the status of the user in order to manage a specific workflow, you have to check the challengeName and challengeParam. For instance, when you signIn a new user, the auth.signIn, return a cognito User: if this user is not confirmed the user will have a challengeName and challengeParm attributes than you can verify within your code for example: I create a user from the console with a temporary password so he was in new password required status, from the code I did this to be able to complete the new password workflow

Here below, you can see the answer that I display from the console.log

If the user is confirmed you will not see the challengeName/challangeParm.

hope this will help you.

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