How to schedule or automate dataset refresh in aws quicksight


What are the options available to schedule or automate refresh of a quicksight SPICE dataset?

Are there any APIs available to automate spice datatset refresh? preferably using python.


You have two options,

Using API services available in the latest version of boto3

Use ‘create_ingestion‘ method to initiate dataset refresh, and use ‘describe_ingestion‘ to check the status of refresh

DataSetId of dataset can be found from aws URI or use ‘list_data_sets‘ method to list all datasets and get DataSetId from the field [‘DataSetSummaries’][‘DataSetId’] method call response

IngestionId – set unique id, I used current time in epoch [str(int(time.time()))]

– Schedule refresh using schedule option in quicksight dataset

You can schedule refreshes for ‘hourly’, ‘daily’, ‘weekly’ or ‘monthly’ cadence using schedule option in quicksight-dataset

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