How to send webcam video to Amazon AWS EC2 Instance


Suppose I want to stream video captured by my webcam to an Amazon AWS EC2 Instance for the purposes of image processing in the cloud. How would one do this? The only means for file transfer that I am aware of, is scp to copy files to the remote host. I have no idea where to begin in regards to streaming video to AWS EC2. Google turned up nothing for me. Any ideas?


Here is what worked. There are likely many other methods.
1) Create a free tier Amazon AWS EC2 instance with Ubuntu Server 16.04
2) Go to the security groups, and modify the security group to allow TCP traffic to reach your instance
3) Note the public ipv4 address of your instance
4) Develop client code to open network sockets, and send data to them (Python 2.7 has the socket package)
5) Develop server code to open network sockets, and listen/accept connection (Python 2.7 works).
6) Client side needs to generate video frames from the webcam, and this is done quite easily using OpenCV2 within Python.
A great reference was the answer posted in this thread:
Send Live Video OpenCV Python

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