How to setup email forwarding with own domain on Amazon EC2?


I have a hard time understanding how I could setup e-mail forwarding on Amazon EC2 for my own domain, meaning how I can forward every email sent to to my personal email address.

I’m using Amazon SES for sending emails. But what about incoming e-mails – is there any simpler way than setting up a complete e-mail server? As I’m using IP forwarding for my domain, I can’t set up email forwarding with my domain provider.

I know this is kind of a general question.. I’d appreciate any help that points me in the right direction!


Currently there is no incoming email (POP, IMAP, etc) managed service from AWS, so you’d need to set up your own mail receiving and forwarding.

Using Postfix as a mail server, setup would look like this:

If forwarding is all you need, you could set up a email service outside AWS (Google Apps?) and redirect using GMail rules, for example.

UPDATE: Amazon Web Services has announced WorkMail as a email and calendaring service.

UPDATE: Amazon SES now supports inbound mail

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