How to track user statistics in cognito


I am using cognito for an authentication platform and need a way to track how many users sign up per day, how many logins per day, failed logins, etc. I saw that there is something called pinpoint but it seems to be more of a messaging platform and geared towards Android and IOS.


Yup, Pinpoint is what you’re looking for. Here’s an image of some basic statistics. On top of that, you can add custom events and metrics to gather practically any data about your app usage that you’d like. This includes everything you desire (as per your question).

enter image description here

From your “but” statement, it seems that you want something more than just a messaging platform and maybe something that isn’t just for mobile [more info would help me answer with a more “pinpointed” response]. One of the major purposes of Pinpoint is to gather data for the purpose of running targeted campaigns. From Pinpoint, you can analyze your data and then make a targeted SMS / Push Notification campaign based on that data.

Nevertheless, Pinpoint is much much more than just a mobile platform. It is available in everything from C++ to Swift to PHP. Check out available languages here:

Check out the following as well for more info:

Hope this helps!

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