How to use an existing stage in API Gateway deployments in AWS CDK?


I have an existing API Gateway with resources and stages. I’m adding a new resource to it via aws cdk. The Gateway is configured with deploy:false, so I have to manually create a new deployment for it. I can import the gateway, but I can’t find a similar method (fromLookup?) in the Stage class. I know I can create a new stage but it doesn’t sound like a scalable solution.

The code is below:


I was facing the same issue today but I discovered that if you set the stageName property for a deployment resource It will use the existing stage.

If you check the CloudFormation documentation for the Deployment resource, it has a StageName property (

But if you check the Deployment implementation for CDK, it doesn’t have support for the stageName property ( and by following the extends on the Deployment class, it ends on extending from a CfnResource that is expecting a stageName value in the constructor.

So I end up forcing the Deployment resource to pick the value that I want by doing this:

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