How to use mySQLworkbench to connect to RDS in AWS private subnet VPC


I am new in AWS VPC. I have question about how to connect mySQLworkbench to RDS in AWS private subnet.

I use VPC wizard to create scenario 2 : VPC with public and private subnets. From a lot of blogs and forums, most of the people recommend the database should be in private subnet, so I created the database in private subnet. I also created NAT gateway (not the instance). Is that anyway I could use mySQLworkbench from public (any) network to connect to the database in private subnet?



I also followed the Scenario 2 in the AWS Documentation without the NAT parts. But now I can’t access the RDS instance from my computer because RDS is in a private subnet.

To solve the accessibility problem I got the idea from this tutorial. I actually did not follow it, so I cannot recommend it.

What I actually did was:

1) I created an EC2 instance and gave it an ellastic IP.

2) Then I allowed the DB to receive traffic from this instance (this was already defined on the AWS tutorial, on the DB server Security Group).

3) Then I allowed an SSH connection from my computer to the EC2 instance.

4) Finnaly I was able to connect to the DB using MySQL WorkBench by establishing a connection “Standard TCP/IP over SSH”

The good thing is that this solution can be achieved using only Free Tier resources (at the time of writing) AFAIK.

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