import; the document part of the import cannot be resolved


I tried to update my dynamodb using aws but I am not able to create a dynamodb object or a table object as the import**document**.* does not register document but it reads all the other imports:

Below is the full class I am using:


I had a similar problem and what I’ve learned is that the availability of, and/or source repositories for, packages can change over time.Therefore, if an import cannot be resolved, the following procedure may help.

  1. Identify the package that supplies the dependency.
  2. Locate a source for the package.
  3. Configure the source with Gradle or Maven.

For my answer, I verified your desired imports against com.amazonaws:DynamoDBLocal:1.11.477 under Kotlin.

From the artifact page at MVNRepository, I selected View All.

This led me to a repository source with the following URL:

Since I was using Kotlin, I added the corresponding repository data to repositories in my build.gradle.kts for Gradle.

These imports, for the non-local case, can also be satisfied from the package at:

Therefore, the following entries also work:

After configuring my project for either the local or remote versions, I was able to verify that all of your imports that include “document” were available.

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