ImportError: No module named custom storages – django-storages boto


I am trying to follow this tutorial for using s3 but pretty much until the last step, somehow I get this error and I am not sure where I should import my own customed module

Tutorial link
Everything is fine, that I am able to upload / copy / use the static files using s3 then the step about creating custom storage for media usage

I created that .py file inside the same directory as the ( where it included INSTALLED_APPS and more)

then inside the setting I added below as mentioned on the tutorial

then I ran python collectstatic

I get this error

Can someone give me a hand?
Thanks in advance.


This credit should go to Shubham Namdeo who gave me the link of

well there are lots of suggestions and ways / errors people found which helps but as for me the part that helped me solve this problem is just move the into the same directory as the so and are actually in the same level of the directory structure then it all works just like that~

Don’t even need to import anything.

I have attached an image of the part where I got my answer so you don’t have to scroll all the way down if you have the same problem as mine.


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