Is CloudFront capable for files in 10-30MB?


I see in Amazon CloudFront FAQ, the file size limit is 20 GB.

I plan to provide downloads in 10-30 MB filesize, in case the result is bad after the coding is completed, just hope to know — is CloudFront capable for files in 10-30 MB filesize?

Or I should use Amazon S3 for download?

Thank you very much.


Of course you could use Cloud Front for files up to 20 GB.

What comes out better depends always on your situation. Generally speaking, using Cloud Front makes sense where speed of access matters, and for most scenarios this will be for small files like static resources for your webpage. With a large file, the user will not likely notice whether it’s being pulled from S3 or Cloud Front edge location close to him.

Another important aspect is the price. With Cloud Front your costs multiply, again depending on how many downloads your users generate, and how are they spread out geographically.

My recommendation for you is staying with S3, unless there is some very specific requirement, you have not mentioned.

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