Is It Possible To BatchGet Multiple Items By Partition Key Only DynamoDB


I have items with ItemID’s and Paths. ItemID is the partition key and Path is the range key. If I have multiple ItemID’s I want to query, but don’t want to include the range key is it possible to do it with batchGet or will I have to use query for each of the ItemID’s? I have tried batchGet but get the error "The provided key element does not match the schema"


No, it is not possible to get the items based on Partition key only. The batch get item API requires both Partition and Range key.

Keys – An array of primary key attribute values that define specific
items in the table. For each primary key, you must provide all of the
key attributes. For example, with a simple primary key, you only need
to provide the partition key value. For a composite key, you must
provide both the partition key value and the sort key value.

However, you can use Query API to get the data by partition key only.

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