Kinesis: What is the best/safe way to shutdown a worker?


I am using the AWS Kinesis Client Library.

I need a way to shutdown Kinesis Worker thread during deployments so, that I stop at a checkpoint and not in the middle of processRecords().

I see a shutdown boolean present in but it is made private.

The reason I need is that checkpointing and idempotency is critical to me and I don’t want to kill the process in the middle of a batch.


Thanks to @CaptainMurphy, I noticed that exposes shutdown() method which safely shuts down the worker and the LeaseCoordinator. What it doesn’t do is call shutdown() task in the IRecordProcessor. It abruptly terminates the IRecordProcessor without worrying about the state.

I do understand that Idempotency between checkpoints is not guaranteed by the KCL and the developer should make the design fault tolerant but I feel that the IRecordProcessor should be properly shutdown before LeaseCoordinator stops irrespective of that.


Since version 1.7.1 (see note below) application can request a graceful shutdown, and record processors that implement the IShutdownNotificationAware will be given a chance to checkpoint before being shutdown.

  • make sure record processor implements IShutdownNotificationAware interface in addition to one of IRecordProcessor interfaces. Call checkpoint in shutdownRequested(IRecordProcessorCheckpointer checkpointer) method. Pay attention – shutdown method of IRecordProcessor should call checkpoint only if shutdown reason is TERMINATE
  • on application shutdown initiate worker shutdown process

PS: Kinesis Client before version 1.7.4 contains race condition which prevents correct shutdown. So use version 1.7.4 or later.

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