Kubernetes and AWS: Set LoadBalancer to use predefined Security Group


As the title says, I am looking for a way to force a LoadBalancer service to use a predefined security group in AWS. I do not want to have to manually edit the inbound/outbound rules of the security group that is created for the ELB by Kubernetes. I have not been able to find anything within the documentation, nor have I located anything that works elsewhere online. Here is my current template:


EDIT: 2021 – I am told my answer is now out of date, refer to stackoverflow.com/a/70162565/699493 instead.

You cannot prevent Kubernetes from creating a new security group. But since Andonaeus’ answer was submitted a new feature has been added which allows for explicitly defining inbound permissions via your service’s configuration file.

See the user guide details for the specifics. The example provided there shows that by using spec.loadBalancerSourceRanges you can provide allow inbound IPs:

In the following example, a load blancer will be created that is only accessible to clients with IP addresses from and

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