Limits for AWS Batch job details retention


I’m trying to understand how long the details associated with an AWS Batch job are retained. For example, the Kinesis limits page describes how each stream defaults to a 24 hour retention period that is extendable up to 7 days.

The AWS Batch limits page does not include any details about either the maximum time or count allowed for jobs. It does say that one million is the limit for SUBMITTED jobs, but its unclear if that is exclusively for SUBMITTED or includes other states as well.

Does anybody know the details of batch job retention?


Job metadata for SUCCEEDED and FAILED jobs are retained for 24 hours. Metadata for Jobs in SUBMITTED, PENDING, RUNNABLE, STARTING, and RUNNING remain in the queue until the job completes. Your AWS Batch Jobs also log STDERR/STDOUT to CloudWatch Logs where you control the retention policy.

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