Logical or in policy condition AWS


I want to have a logical or between AWS policy which I then need to attach to SCP.
The motivation is to add a policy which applies in case one of 2 conditions are met.

In this case, I would like to deny Ec2 run instance API in case type is one of t1 or t2 micro or the region is us-east-1.
But in this snippet, it’s a logical “and” between conditions which mean the policy would apply in case it’s a (t1.micro or t2.micro) and (us-east-1 region), which I’m looking to add “or”

In order to save the text in the SCP (due to limit), I was looking for shrinking together in 1 policy 2 conditions with “or”, in case there is an option

Hope this example is clear


An SCP can contain multiple policies, at the moment your single policy will require all conditions to be met (as well as the resource pattern) before it will deny.

You should create a separate statement for each of these conditions whilst also removing the resource pattern if you’re trying to deny access for those instance classes in other AWS regions.

Perhaps something like the below is more appropriate.

With this it will evaluate as if either the instance type is a t1.micro or t2.micro, or if the region is us-east-1 then deny the action.

The only OR condition is between each statement, if you’re trying to reduce the size of your statements try to group up similar statements. For example disabling common actions in the same statement, or if you you want to deny a number of regions add them all to the same statement rather than one statement each.

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