Make API request to HTTP endpoint from AWS Amplify deployed HTTPS (SSL) Client


I have deployed my Backend/API server in a AWS EC2 instance, which is being loaded without SSL and the url is like, ‘

And I have deployed my React Frontend/Client using AWS AMPLIFY Console. Which is automatically adding SSL to the production branch URL and the URL is like,

Now the problem is, I am unable to make any API/HTTP request to my server from client. And getting bellow error,

I am able to make this API call from my client localhost development environment. But getting error from AWS AMPLIFY SERVER because of miss match of HTTP.

How can I resolve the issue or is there any way to remove the automatically added AWS AMPLIFY’s SSL?


You can use cors everywhere proxy. It is hosted as https and is a proxy so you just need to add it before your api end point url.

Ex. can be written as

This will do the trick. I’m personally using this for the same setup you mentioned.

And if don’t like to use their proxy, you can create your own proxy.

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