Mocking Secrets Manager module for JavaScript jest unit tests


I’m having trouble getting the AWS Secrets Manager module mocked for the jest unit tests… The part it errors on is the .promise(). When I remove that, the code doesn’t work for the real Secrets Manager so I think it needs to stay there. How do I mock the getSecretData function so that getSecretData.promise() will work for the mock?

Here is the SecretsManager.js code:

Here is the SecretsManager.test.js code:

This is the error I get when running the tests:

Any suggestions or pointers are greatly appreciated!
Thank you for looking at my post.


I finally got it to work… figures it’d happen shortly after posting the question, but instead of deleting the post I’ll share how I changed the mock to make it work incase it helps anyone else.

Note: This is just the updated mock, the tests are the same as in the question above.

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