Monitor production services (tomcat, MSQL and apache) using amazon ec2


Currently I have a server – Amazon EC2 instance type. Through AWS console, we can monitor our instances (server) CPU utilization, disk read etc..

Is there any way through which I can monitor my application services – like tomcat, mysql, apache etc.. Basically, whenever the tomcat or mysql is stopped, I need an email alert from Amazon. For CPU utilization, I was able to that successfully. However, how to monitor my application services state through AWS.

Any suggestions please? If we can’t able to do through AWS, is there any other way to monitor them?

Thank you.


Amazon itself only provides the basic platform where you can run your services on. Therefore there is no existing pre-built solution from Amazon available to monitor services.

However there are some alternatives to consider:

All of these solutions will require installation or programming from your side.

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