Moto does not appear to be mocking aws interactions in a pytest


Say I want to mock the following:

How do I go about starting to mock this with in pytest? I could create mocked objects by creating a dummy class and the necessary attributes, but I suspect that’s the wrong approach.

Some additional details, here’s what I’m trying to test out:

But I can’t quite seem to be able to get this patched correctly. I’m trying to make it so that I can patch session and the function calls in that method

I tried using moto and got this:

But I’m running into

So it seems like it’s not mocking anything 😐


Turns out you need to have the mocked credentials in a config and credentials file for this to work.


I’m not sure what exactly you want, so I’ll give you something to start.

You let unittest.mock to mock everything for you, for example. (Useful reading:

Results of pytest run:

I would also recommend to install pytest-socket and run pytest --disable-socket to make sure your tests do not talk with network by accident.

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