Mounting EFS in EKS cluster: example deployment fails


I am currently trying to create an EFS for use within an EKS cluster. I’ve followed all the instructions, and everything seems to be working for the most part. However, when trying to apply the multiple_pods example deployment from here, the pods cannot succesfully mount the file system. The PV and PVC are both bound and look good, however the pods do not start and yield the following error message:

To me the error looks like it may not be related to my configuration, however as I expect AWS’s example deployments to work, I doubt that. I’m neither familiar with python’s ConfigParser nor with EFS, so I can only guess what that error really means. Thanks alot for any help!


Faced a similar problem.

Fixed by update efs-csi-node daemonset from amazon/aws-efs-csi-driver:v0.3.0 image to amazon/aws-efs-csi-driver:latest

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