Nginx proxy_pass to aws Api Gateway


I want to configure Nginx reverse proxy server which will redirect all of the requests it gets by HTTP to my AWS Api Gateway endpoint which is HTTPS (its a GET method). (If you want to know why, the reason for this is that I have an AWS Lambda function which I want a 3rd party vendor to call via Api Gateway, but he currently has a bug with ssl_handshake with AWS, probably because of SNI. So I will give him this HTTP proxy server).

I’ve tried something like this:

But currently I’m getting 403 from CloudFront when I try to call to

I feel like I’m missing something in my SSL configurations at Nginx but I’m not sure what.


Your issue was that you were setting the HTTP Host header that will be sent to AWS API Gateway to the wrong value.

API Gateway needs the HTTP Host header to be set to its own host, e.g. to

So you should have:

instead of:

In fact you don’t have to explicitly set the proxy Host header because, if not set, Nginx will default it to $proxy_host

See Nginx docs on this

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