No such file or directory error when configuring aws on cygwin


I downloaded Cygwin and Python version 2.5. Now I am about to set up an deep learning computer at aws (following this tutorial:

If i run pip install awscli I get this (which is good)

However when I want to configure everything and type aws I get:


I got on track with the answer by Ryan Chase (however I can’t comment on his answer due to insufficient credit on stackoverflow)

after step 4: apt-cyg install python,
which python would return the desired usr/bin/python.
However, running python -i from cygwin still opened up my local anaconda python instead of the cygwin python.

I ended up using this workflow:

  1. pip uninstall awscli
  2. wget
  3. install apt-cyg /bin
  4. apt-cyg install python
  5. wget
  6. /bin/python ~/
  7. /bin/pip install awscli
  8. /bin/aws

etc. so each time, use /bin/... to force cygwin to use it’s local version of the program. It’s pretty cumbersome, maybe I’ll look into better ways of getting cygwin to prefer it’s own version of python over the anaconda version.

I also needed to change the setup files from windows to unix style, so:

  1. apt-cyg install dos2unix
  2. dos2unix
  3. dos2unix
  4. then finally, bash

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