NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/hadoop/fs/StreamCapabilities while reading s3 Data with spark


I would like to run a simple spark job on my local dev machine (through Intellij) reading data from Amazon s3.

my build.sbt file:

my code snippet:

And I get the following exception:

When replacing s3a:/// to s3:/// I get another error: No FileSystem for scheme: s3

As I am new to AWS, I do not know if I should user s3:///, s3a:/// or s3n:///. I have already setup my AWS credentials with aws-cli.

I have not any Spark installation on my machine.

Thanks in advance for your help


I would start by looking at the S3A troubleshooting docs

Do not attempt to “drop in” a newer version of the AWS SDK than that which the Hadoop version was built with Whatever problem you have, changing the AWS SDK version will not fix things, only change the stack traces you see.

whatever version of the hadoop- JARs you have on your local spark installation, you need to have exactly the same version of hadoop-aws, and exactly the same version of the aws SDK which hadoop-aws was built with. Try mvnrepository for the details.

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