Persistence in AWS Fargate Containers


I have 2 containers in a Fargate task definition. One of the containers is a database server. I’m wanting to persist the data directory. However, Fargate doesn’t support the Source Path field when setting up a volume in the task definition. Does anyone know who to set up persistence in Fargate?


AWS Fargate at this moment is targeted to stateless container solutions only, but we never know, maybe AWS is already working in a solution for it.

Remember you are sharing the same host with other AWS Customers. Your instance could be terminated and restarted in another host anytime. You also can scale out your service anytime.

You can use any of the options below:

  • use RDS for general purpose databases.
  • If your DB is not available you can start a new EC2 and install the database
  • continue to use fargate for the other services.

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