Pointing Amazon’s CloudFront at an A record not a CNAME


I’ve found instructions to point my domain’s CNAME to Amazon’s CloudFront service but ideally I would like to point the root name (A record name). For example, foo.com instead of www.foo.com. Is this possible?


You can point the zone apex (i.e. example.com) to a CloudFront distribution on AWS using their Route 53 service. Just log into your CloudFront distribution and set the Alternate Domain Names (CNAMEs) to your domain (e.g. example.com and/or www.example.com). Then in Route 53, create a hosted zone for your domain, and then an alias record selecting the CloudFront distribution as the destination. You can also create a second alias record for any sub-domains, such as www.example.com. Note: you’ll need to change the name servers with your domain registrar too.

From the Route 53 FAQs:

Q. Can I point my zone apex (example.com versus www.example.com) at my
Amazon CloudFront distribution?

Yes. Amazon Route 53 offers a special type of record called an ‘Alias’
record that lets you map your zone apex (example.com) DNS name to your
Amazon CloudFront distribution (for example, d123.cloudfront.net). IP
addresses associated with Amazon CloudFront endpoints vary based on
your end user’s location (in order to direct the end user to the
nearest CloudFront edge location) and can change at any time due to
scaling up, scaling down, or software updates. Route 53 responds to
each request for an Alias record with the IP address(es) for the
distribution. Route 53 doesn’t charge for queries to Alias records
that are mapped to a CloudFront distribution. These queries are listed
as “Intra-AWS-DNS-Queries” on the Amazon Route 53 usage report.

For more information, see AWSs documentation:

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