PostgreSQL pgAdmin III SSL connection to AWS RDS instance


I am trying to connect to RDS running on AWS (Amazon Web Services) using SSL. I saw limited info in PosgreSQL pgAdmin III docs about fields on SSL tab.

RDS instances are setup to accept SSL connections by default.

I’ve downloaded the public key from Amazon and converted it from a .pem to a .crt file using openSSL. On the SSL tab in pgAdmin III I entered path to converted key file “Server Root Certificate File” field.

I can connect to instance without issue but there is no indication that the data is being transferred over SSL. AWS does not set their RDS instances to use SSL exclusivly so I may be connected without using SSL and not know it.

Does pgAdmin III show any indication when it’s connected using SSL (like a lock icon)?
Can anyone provide additional info that describes the fields (SSL dropdown, Client Cert File, Client Key) on the SSL tab in pgAdmin III?



I have not used SSL with PGAdmin on AWS, but I have on a server, and I can tell you that you know when you are connected to a server via PGAdmin, I’m not sure how there is ambiguity there, can you see the databases, tables?

The quoted post below might help you with connecting to a server via SSL.

On the client, we need three files. For Windows, these files must be
in %appdata%\postgresql\ directory. For Linux ~/.postgresql/
directory. root.crt (trusted root certificate) postgresql.crt (client
certificate) postgresql.key (private key)

Generate the the needed files on the server machine, and then copy
them to the client. We’ll generate the needed files in the /tmp/

First create the private key postgresql.key for the client machine,
and remove the passphrase.

Then create the certificate postgresql.crt. It must be signed by our
trusted root (which is using the private key file on the server
machine). Also, the certificate common name (CN) must be set to the
database user name we’ll connect as.

Copy the three files we created from the server /tmp/ directory to the
client machine.

Copy the trusted root certificate root.crt from the server machine to
the client machine (for Windows pgadmin %appdata%\postgresql\ or for
Linux pgadmin ~/.postgresql/). Change the file permission of
postgresql.key to restrict access to just you (probably not needed on
Windows as the restricted access is already inherited). Remove the
files from the server /tmp/ directory.


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