Rate limit AWS API gateway endpoint


AWS API Gateway provides a way to rate limit requests using the Usage plan for different users.

But the rate limit is applicable for all end-points.
So, if I have a GET request and another POST request endpoints, can I set different limits for the GET request and separate limit for the POST requests?


GET request end-point

POST request end-point

The POST requests is a costly operation, hence I would want to limit the number of requests by a certain user whereas allow for a large number of GET requests.

Requirement is basically to have 2 different rate limits for 2 different end-points.


You can have two different rate limits for two different endpoints.

If you go to your gateway’s stages and click one of the endpoints, you’ll see something like this…

Default settings

So, by default all endpoints use your stage-level rate limits. But you choose “Override for this method”, you’ll get this…

Override settings

You can then set your method-level rate limit for that HTTP method.

Reference: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/apigateway/latest/developerguide/stages.html#how-to-stage-settings

  1. To override the stage-level throttling for individual methods, expand the stage under the Stages secondary navigation pane, choose a method of interest, and, back in the stage editor, choose Override for this method for Settings. In the Default Method Throttling area, select appropriate options.

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