Redshift Revoke Permission not Working


I have an Amazon Redshift cluster with four schemas (Schema1, Schema2, Schema3 and Schema 4).

I created a user User1 in this cluster. I want this user to have only read-only access to all the tables in Schema1. Currently, this user has access(Select, Insert, Update, Delete) to all the tables from all the schemas.

I tried all the commands from the Redshift manual, but looks like nothing is working.


I also tried to revoke individual permissions (Insert, Update, Delete).

I also tried to revoke permissions (Insert, Update, Delete) from individual table

Tried all the combinations from the manual. I am using SQL Workbench and all the statements were successfully executed without any syntax error.

Not able to figure it. Any help is appreciated.

P.S. I have 15 years of database experience working on roles and permissions.


In my case the issue I had was that I had 3 users belonging to the same group.
The group had been granted ALL privileges to all the tables of the schema.

Therefore revoking the permissions for a single user did not work since group permissions supersede user permissions.

The solution in my case was to create a group for each user and revoke access to the schema for the other groups.

REVOKE ALL ON SCHEMA my_schema FROM group my_group;

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