Retrieve inventory with php and MWS


I need to create a PHP script that retrieve and update my inventory from and to Amazon into my personal web page. Can this be done with MWS or any WS? And also need to show in the front of my site all the products I have in Amazon and show a link for users to buy this items trough Amazon.

Any help?

Cheers and many thanks in advance



use the amazon mws api, specifically the Reports section here

You should request (via RequestReport) an “Open Listings Report”. Amazon will give you some minutes later a CSV with all your listings with SKU, ASIN, quantity and price.

When you want to display those listings, you need to display them for yourself. you could link to the ASINs with some pictures, so maybe you need to get those pictures and titles for yourself (maybe with another ReportType).

You can play around with that API in the Amazon MWS Scratchpad.

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