S3 client initialization error via PHP SDK


I’m trying to initialize the S3 client from the AWS PHP SDK. My code is as follows:

But am getting the following errors:

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: 4096

Message: Argument 1 passed to Aws\Common\Client\AbstractClient::__construct() must implement interface Aws\Common\Credentials\CredentialsInterface, array given, called in /opt/showhouse/www/application/models/showhouse/common/services/aws/aws.php on line 47 and defined
Filename: Client/AbstractClient.php

Line Number: 73

Any ideas where I am going wrong? Am using the latest version of the SDK installed via Composer.


I’m guessing you are using AWS PHP SDK version 2.0. If so, then the S3Client indeed implements the AbstractClient class. This means that the parameters are:
__construct( Aws\Common\Aws\Common\Credentials\CredentialsInterface $credentials, Aws\Common\Aws\Common\Signature\SignatureInterface $signature, Guzzle\Common\Collection $config )

The S3Client implementation you are attempting to use is from version 3.0 of the AWS PHP SDK.

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