s3.getObject().promise() never returns anything


If use this code within a Lambda which complies with everything I read on stackoverflow and on the AWS SDK documentation.

However, it neither returns anything nor throws an error. The code is simply stuck on s3.getObject(params).promise() so the lambda function runs on a timeout, even after more then 30 seconds. The file i try to fetch is actually 25kb.

Any idea why this happens?

When testing the function, i receive the following timeout.

START RequestId: 97782eac-019b-4d46-9e1e-3dc36ad87124 Version: $LATEST
2019-03-19T07:51:30.225Z 97782eac-019b-4d46-9e1e-3dc36ad87124 Trying to fetch public-images/low/ZARGES_41137_PROD_TECH_ST_LI.jpg from bucket zarges-pimdata-test
2019-03-19T07:51:54.979Z 97782eac-019b-4d46-9e1e-3dc36ad87124 error loading from S3
2019-03-19T07:51:54.981Z 97782eac-019b-4d46-9e1e-3dc36ad87124 {“errorMessage”:”Could not retrieve file from S3: Connection timed out after 3000ms”,”errorType”:”Error”,”stackTrace”:[“getObject (/var/task/index.js:430:15)”,””,”process._tickDomainCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:228:7)”]}
END RequestId: 97782eac-019b-4d46-9e1e-3dc36ad87124
REPORT RequestId: 97782eac-019b-4d46-9e1e-3dc36ad87124 Duration: 24876.90 ms
Billed Duration: 24900 ms Memory Size: 512 MB Max Memory Used: 120 MB

The image I am fetching is actually public available:


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