S3, Signed-URLs and Caching


I am generating signed urls on my webapp (nodejs) using the knox nodejs-library.
However the issue arises, that for every request, I need to regenerate an unique GET signed url for the current user, leaving browser’s cache-control out of the game.

I’ve searched the web without success as browsers seem to use the full url as caching key so I am really curious how I can, under the given circumstances (nodejs, knox library) get the issue solved and use caching control while still being able to generated signed urls for each and every request as I need to verify the user’s access rights.

I cannot believe there’s no solution to that though.


I am working with Java AmazonS3 client, but the process should be the same.

There is a strategy that can be used to handle this situation.

You could use a fixed date time as an expiration date. I set this date to tomorrow at 12 pm.

Now every time you generate a url, it will be the same throughout that day until 00:00. That way browser caching can be used to some extent.

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