Search AWS CloudWatch Logs with special character in JSON property name


We use AWS CloudWatch Logs to debug our services running on AWS, and a number of the property names in our logs use colons as delimiters, but we can’t figure out how to search using these property names.

Here’s an example of a log:

Using the console, I’ve tried a query like this:

Of course, special characters often have specific uses in query languages and otherwise, so I’ve try to escape it somehow.

Nothing I could come up with worked, and maybe it’s just not possible. The docs don’t seem to address this type of scenario.

Anyone know how to search JSON logs where properties contain special characters, or know definitively whether or not this is supported?

In new work, we’re going to use a different delimiter, but we’re not going to go back and change it everywhere.


At the time of writing, this is not possible. AWS will probably fix that at some point, but for now the only workaround would be to use the non-JSON syntax and search for the exact string. The following filter:

will match this log event:

Obviously the downside is that whitespace and position matter.

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